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My Maid Suchitra

My Maid Suchitra

Well, Hardy again. Sarita was in her 7th month and it was the summer holidays. Sex was rare, but she used to give me blow jobs regularly, and I used to suck/lick her breasts, and eat her pussy and loved running my hand over her pregant stomach and on a few occasions felt the baby in her womb ‘kick’, and it was wonderful. One day, I was at Carol’s place and when I went home Sarita was there with another woman. She said “Baba, where were you?” and I explained to her about me ‘helping’ Carol. Anyway, she said “This is Suchitra, my brother’s wife. She will come to work for the next six months, I have told your parents, and they agreed. She will work just like me,

because I need to take rest. This lady she needs help, ask her if she would like someone to help her, because my mother can stay for the day and then she can go out”. I told Suchitra, who was good looking, a lot like Sarita, to do the work and took Sarita with me to Carol’s place and told her what Sarita had said. Immediately, Carol said “Yes, I would not mind it, and you know why?” So it was arranged and Sarita’s mother started work, and Carol told me “Now I can visit some of my friends, and in the afternoon, whenever you are there, I can spend my time with you” I told her that Suchitra would come in the mornings, so it would be fine. Carol said “How does she look” and I told her that she was a lot like Sarita, and all Carol said was “Good”. Sarita left, and I went back to the flat. Suchitra was cooking, and I asked her about her husband, and she said “Nice man, but like drinks” Suchitra was 29, tall (nearly my height), long haired, well built (36FF-28-32), eyes that were seductive, lovely lips, and from what I could make out from the Sari she was wearing, solid thighs. After finishing her work, she seemed reluctant to go, and said “Saab, I go” but there was something in her eyes that said “I want to stay” I said “Sit down. How long have you been married and how many children?” She said “Saab, what to say. 7 years, I don’t think I will have children because…….” and stopped, tears forming in her eyes, which she quickly wiped away. I went to her and kneeling in front of her put a hand on her cheek and she said put her hand on mine, saying “I am yours if you want….” and I took her hand and led her to the bedroom where I undraped her saree and let it fall to the ground. Her body was rigid, as I unbuttoned her blouse, her eyes closed, and I saw beautiful breasts, round, topped by dark brown hard long nipples with very large areola, and when I loosened her skirt and it fell to the ground, I saw her pussy sparsely covered and really solid thighs. I laid her on the bed and kissed her, and when I reached her breasts, started sucking on her hard nipples, licking her breasts, nibbling on the underside and she whimpered. My hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy and she became moist. I stood and stripped, and when she saw my rod, she gasped. I spread her legs, and kneeling between them slowly eased myself fully into her, and lying on top of her, put my hands under her armpits, holding her shoulders, feeling her hard nipples against my chest, and started stroking in to her, a

nd she whimpered with each stroke putting her arms around me, and after about five minutes (like Sarita) she “Saab, something is happening, feels nice” as her body arched upwards, tense as she came.

When she relaxed she said “Saab, what happened” and I told her she had had an orgasm and she said “All women feel this” and I told her they did when they enjoyed what happened and she said “Very nice for me, first time. My husband try, but come out soon” And I started stroking into her again, and she said “Yes, Saab, Yessss, very nice” and in another five minutes she said “Saab again happening” and I too was ready and with a final thrust we both came together, as I discharged into her and she moaned softly, her arms across my back holding me against her. She said “I felt something hot inside” and I told her what had happened and she said “You mean, maybe something happen for me” and I nodded. She said “Then I am happy. I leave now but tomorrow I come early, so we have more time”. I helped her dress, sucking and caressing her breasts and then she left. In the afternoon I went to Carol’s place and she was waiting for me in bed, nude. I stripped and lay beside her and we kissed, our hands roaming over each others’ bodies, and then I said “Let me love you” and she nodded. I kissed her cheeks, eyes, neck and when I reached the top of her breasts, licked them, and then sucked on them one by one, her nipples hard. When I reached her stomach kissing and licking it she shivered. I left her pussy and kissed licked the inside of her thighs, and they tensed, as I came back up to her pussy and kissed it taking the lips into my mouth sucking on them, then spread them and licked her pussy, her juices flowing and when I took her clitoris in my mouth sucking,

she uttered a soft moan and in a little while she came. I straight away entered her and she said “This is so good” as I humped her, for about five minutes and she came again, pulling me against her, wrapping her legs around mine. When she relaxed I started stroking in and out of her again, and she said “Baby, I am making up for all the years” and she came again as I did emptying myself into her. As I withdrew from her she said “Wait” and sitting up, took my now softening cock in her mouth sucking me till I was limp. We held each, our bodies pressed together, kissing. I told her that I was lucky to have her, and she said “I never wanted to be unfaithful, but when I saw you and he said what he did on the first day, and you held me, I knew that I wanted someone after a long time” We just snuggled up against each for along time, and then when I became hard again, she straddled , riding me, as I leaned forward and sucked on her breasts till she came, her body and head arched backwards, and I sat up and sucked on her breasts, my hands on her bottoms, till she relaxed, and then she pushed me down and rose and turning to give me her pussy, she took my cock in her mouth sucking and licking as I did the same to her pussy, and she came again pushing her pussy into my face, and then I started to come and she just drank my cum, and turning around we tasted each others’ cum as we kissed, again our pressed tight together. After some more cuddling,

kissing fondling, suck her breasts, I left, and at the door she “Tomorrow, Sarita’s mother will be here, so I will come in the afternoon, because Suchitra will be there in the morning” and I said it would be lovely. The next morning, Suchitra came at around 8am, and told my parents she was Sarita’s s-i-l, and as Sarita was unable to come, she would be coming in her place, but would come early as she had other work at 9.30am. My parents said it was okay but not to disturb me as it was my holidays and I slept late and to make breakfast and keep for me. I heard her saying “Memsahib, I will not disturb him and will give him what he wants when he gets up” After they left, I waited for a while, then wrapping towel around me, went to the kitchen and Suchitra was busy cooking. I went up behind her and putting a hand around her waist, I slid my other hand into her blouse, cupping a breast, Sex With My Naughty Girlfriend

and she squealed. I told her to stop cooking, and we went to my bedroom, where I slowly undraped her saree, kissing her neck, cleavage, and then let the saree fall to the ground. As I unbuttoned her blouse, I kissed the top of her breasts, and she put her hands in my hair, and when I sucked on her breasts, she just moaned. Removing her blouse, I continued sucking, nibbling and licking her breasts as I loosened the skirt and it fell to the ground. Sitting on the bed, I kissed her stomach, and then the vee of her thighs, and she shivered. Laying her on the bed, I dropped my towel, and she took my hard cock in her hand, as I lay beside, sucking her breasts, rubbing her now wet pussy, and as I felt the beggining of her coming, I knelt between her legs and entered her, and she moaned loudly, as I started stroking in and out of her, and she came within a minute, due to the foreplay. I rolled on to my back, still inside her, and let her lie on top of me, for I loved the feeling of her breasts against my chest. She said “Saab, you are so nice. My husband, he comes at night, pushes my saree up and puts inside, and soon comes out, then turn and sleep” Making her sit up, I showed her how to ride me as I squeezed and pressed her breasts, running my thumbs over her hard nipples, and she came again after about five minutes, falling on top of me. Again I turned her on her back and started humping her, my hands now on her breasts, squeezing them and then we both came together, as I discharged my load into her, lying on top of her, and she held me close. She said “Saab now you rest, I will do work” and I told her to go ahead as I had to go next door. I rang the bell and when I entered there was another female there, and Carol said “My youngest sister Charlotte, this Is Hardy. He has been of great help to me” I said “She looks a younger version of you and as beautiful too” And she said “My friends call me Lottie” I said it suits you” As Sarita’s mother was there, we expalined what had to be done and then Carol told her “If you need anything and I am out, call this number, Saab wll come” writing down my number and leaving it on the table, but looking directly at Charlotte. Carol and I went to the bedroom and spoke to her husband for a little while telling him of the arrangements we were making, and he said in his broken voice “Th th thank you. Since you came, she is different and seems happy” and then I left. Suchitra had finished her work, and I took her to bed, lying next to her fondling & sucking on her breasts, gently rubbing her pussy, and she would just rub my cock and when I became hard, I entered her and she brought her legs up to my shoulders, saying “I like it when you are so inside me” and I started stroking into her placing my hands on her breasts, and she moaned, and with each stroke she would utter a soft moan, till she came with a loud cry, and I lowered her legs, and continued stroking into her, and she said “Saab, don’t stop, I am feeling good” and I continued and she came again and in a little while I came too, discharging my load into her willing cunt. We then lay in each others arms, and she said “If something happens, I will be very happy, like Sarita is today”. I told her “Not so soon, we will wait for two/three months and then……” and she said “I understand, you are right” Again I helped her dress and she left. Carol came over in the afternoon, and it was just wild sex. As we relaxed in each others’ arms, fondling each other, I told her what had happened between Suchitra and me. She said “I wish I was that young” and I said “Babe, you are still so desirable and sensual, any man would want you” She said “You think so?” and I told her that I was positive. She said “I hope Suchitra becomes a complete woman, not like me” and I said “Darling, you are complete, everything about you is so wonderful” She said “Hard, I am past my prime, just living my life, you have changed it, and I am feeling wonderful again” I said “Darling, you are in your prime, not many women would sacrifice like you have, and I am lucky that you chose me” She said “Love, I will be there for you as long as you need me, whatever happens. Should someone else come into your life, go ahead, I know why I am saying this” For about three months Suchitra and myself had controlled sex whenever we could for I had to resume college, enjoying every moment ensuring that I did not discharge into her. One day she said “Saab, now I think I want….” We were in bed, and I entered her, stroking in and out of her, my hands on her breats, squeezing her breasts, stroking in an d out of, hearing her moans of pleasure with each stroke, and after she had come twice, I discharged into her. She said “Saab, that very nice. Do everytime” She did the cooking/cleaning and I helped her and she was surprised saying “Men don’t do this” and I said “Not all men, but you are mine, and I want to help you” She said “You already ‘helped’ and soon something will happen for me I am sure” After she finished we went back to bed, and I held her in my arms, gently fondling her breasts, and then her pussy, and she started to react, spreading her legs, and I rolled on top of her and slid smoothly into her pussy, and she said “Saab, you will stay some time, not move” and I lay on top of her, and she said “I like when you in me, feel very good”After staying inside her for nearly ten minutes, feeling the warmth of her pussy envelop my cock, kissing her and sucking on her breasts, I started stroking in and out of her, and she said “Hanhnh, Saab, hanhnh, achaa lagtaa hai” and thens she started to come saying “Saab, now ,now” her body going tight. I continued stroking into her, enjoying the tightening of her pussy muscles as she came, and in another five minutes we came together, and I emptied my load into her, and as we relaxed rolled over so that she was on top of me, holding her tight, till we both relaxed. As I became soft and slipped out of her, I said “Suchi, that was great” and she said (in hindi) “Can I call you lover, because you are, and Lover, when you came I could feel your hot ‘water’ hitting my inside. I know soon I will become a mother. I love you very much, thank you” After a little while more of fondling and caressing, I helped her dress, and at the door sliding my hand into her blouse, caressed her breasts, and she said “You like very much” and I just nodded and she said “Tomorrow, very special for you and me” and left. The next day when she came, she said “I am goint to become mother. You are my Lover, and now I do something special. You remove your clothes, I am coming” She came back, nude, and then said “You just lie down, I am giving massage” She applied some warm oil on me and then with her body, she rubbed me all over. I had grown hard, and she guided me into her wet willing pussy, riding me as I had told her, and she came and I quickly rolled her over onto her back, and started humping her, till we both came together. She said “Now come, I will wash you” but it ended in both washing each other, and then we returned to bed. She said “Today I am very happy because of you” She continued to come for the next three months, and then Sarita returned, her breasts fuller, overflowing with milk, which she would make me drink. Later, after Suchitra delivered they would take turns to come over to work. But by then, I too had taken up a job in Hotel, and our trysts were whenever possible. Both of them are happy today, and I have watched the kids grow. But waht happened between Charlotte and myself I will relate in Sister Act, my next experience.

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